Watercolor on paper 07/2013 

Jinwoo Kim


I first started drawing pictures when I was young, imitating my mother who was a painter. I enjoyed drawing objects around me even before I entered the elementary school, and I astonished people by bold imagination. I kept studying design and painting throughout middle and high school, attending the art institute, and tried to draw pictures different from the exiting frames. 

When in college, I majored in Fine Art, and drew pictures with passion, but my passion drifted into a different direction since I got discharged from military service in 1999. I became more interested in teaching than learning, and I spent 8 years with students at a private art institution. At that time, I taught them design, and my techniques of fine art painting combined with a creative, rational, and design-like way of thinking were well received by students. However, the repeated daily life coupled with the college life I quit halfway through visited me again, making me feel frustrated later on. My life as an illustrator I found as escape out of this routines was a ray of light in the dark tunnel. 

My current job, which requires me to think like children think, see what children see, and stimulate children’s imagination, helped me return to the day when I was a boy who held the brush for the first time, following his mother.I am currently drawing pictures, feeling happier than anybody else.



2011  Gallery " I'am"  / KOREA

2013  Fort Mason Center / San Francisco CA

2103  Gallery "Las Laguna" / Laguna Beach CA

2014  CCKPC "Show & Tell"  / San Ramon CA

2015 Showcase 100: One Hundred Illustrators / The Framers Gallery / London UK

2016 "The Art of Illustration" / The Gallery at 48 Natoma / Folsom CA


The books that I've worked in are 

Picture book for children:


"ElizabethⅠ"by Korea Hermann Hesse, 

"Nutcracker" by Korea Montessori, 

"Snow White"by Applebee. 

"I don't need little brother!" by Leaning Stone, 

"I went having fun in the water" by Tree and Sunlight, 

"Trees~ Trees~"by Korea Hermann Hesse, 

"Mother Goose"by Izzlebooks,

"Cinderella-popup book"by samsungbooks,

"Hansel and Gretel"by Kyowon,

"Snow White and Seven dwarfs"by Sterling Publishing


English teaching books: GNB English, Tun Tun english by Unibooks, So good media 

Textbook: English by Darakwon, English by Chunjae education, Korean by Woongjin Think Big 

Book cover: Your children by Wisdom House, home study materials by Daegyo.





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Walnut Creek CA




Water Color on paper /2012